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Welcome to the ICO, blockchain and crypto advisory services of AS Corporate. Like with any other of our services, we focus solely on different countries, for businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups who are looking for a next level consultant, to assist our clients with their next level ideas from a next level country.

Successful acquisitions are the ones which still seem prudent years later. We help clients in the planning processes assess their acquisition strategy and long-term business objectives. In other cases where acquisition preferences are well established, clients use us to pre-screen the target acquisition population to evaluate market pricing. The net impact of wise acquisition planning is reduced risk, and faster payback.

We have direct connection with the foreign jurisdictions which not only help us to obtain the forex broker license with competitive capital but make the entire process comparatively faster with little or no red-tape.The best part about obtaining a broker licence is that you become eligible to work with users from different countries online. You can grow your customer base with a legitimate global presence.

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Samsung SDS Launches Blockchain Financial Platform Nexfinance

We have completed the design for Nexfinance aimed at the insurance industry and we will continue to put in efforts to innovate the digital finance industry,” Samsung SDS CEO Hong Won-pyo said during a press event in Seoul upon the launch of the new platform.

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IFINEXPO International Financial B2B Expo Shanghai Station on 29th May

On May 29, IFINEXPO International Financial B2B Expo Shanghai Station is about to strike us. We have a super high-quality exhibitor lineup, high-quality speakers, and the hottest topics. No longer follow the conventions, break market conventions, and let the participants fatigue and gain nothing but gain confidence in you.

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Investments in cryptocurrency – is one of the main topics in the UK Financial Ombudsman Service’s Annual Review

The UK government takes a cautious approach especially when it comes to cryptocurrency. The government had no plans to recognize digital currencies as legal tender or to propose designating them as financial instruments, said John Glen, Economic Secretary to the Treasury and City Minister.

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